Digitalized your Business Experiences for Realizing Spectacular Efficiency

Business Impact of Forecasting

The innovative algorism of Forecasting Experience can learn detailed and hidden business trends using digitalized personal and organizational business experiences.

This learned algorism enable to forecasting specific business trends, and brings efficiency beyond all imagination. Realizing this business impact is the goal of Forecasting Experience solution.

  • Demand Foresting - Sales, Inventory, Resell price, Incoming call and Website traffic
  • Score Calculation - Credit Card Deflect Scoring, Customer Phase Intention and Lead Scoring
  • Evaluation of Accuracy - Invoice check
  • Customer Success is our Goal

    The goal of Forecasting Experience is not just execution of forecasting business number; the most important goal is to materialize business benefits. We provide the cloud AI and machine learning platform as well as business consulting services to ensure your business benefits.

    About Idrasys

    Forecasting Experience is developed by Idrasys, an AI company based in Tokyo.

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